Geosite Piaynemo

Piaynemo is one of the most iconic locations of Raja Ampat along with Wayag Island. The line of karst rocks protruding from the ocean is the main attraction of the area in Waigeo Barat Kepulauan District.

Telaga Bintang

Sudah lama Piaynemo jadi ikon wisata Raja Ampat selain Wayag. Tempat ini diberi julukan ‘Little Wayag’ karena menyuguhkan eksotisme alam yang sangat menawan. Presiden Joko

Kampung Wisata Arborek

The name Arborek may sound foreign to those who have never visited an islet at Meos Mansar District, Raja Ampat. The small island is only seven hectares, or around one-tenth of the National Monument or Monas area. You can even travel the whole island in two hours by bicycling or walking.

Melissa’s Garden Diving Spot

Among professional divers, Melissa’s Garden has a reputation as one of the best dive sites in Raja Ampat. Its name is very popular among foreign tourists who are really looking for the best underwater ‘surfing’ locations in Raja Ampat.

Wayag Shark Point

If most people imagine relaxing on the beach is sitting in the sun while playing the waves occasionally, at Wayag, tourists will be amazed by the many sharks swimming along the beach. However, tourists don’t need to worry because these sharks are still young and very tame.

Wayag Island

At the eastern end of Indonesia, precisely in West Waigeo, Raja Ampat, West Papua, there lies exotic nature. The natural wonder is known as Wayag Island, the main icon of the majestic Raja Ampat. Here, tourists’ satisfaction in ‘shopping’ splendid natural portraits are guaranteed, worth remembering for years.

Warkesi Bird Watching Area

Traveling to Raja Ampat, tourists have nothing to lose. This is because there are many hidden destinations, both on land and in the waters. In Waigeo Island, a hidden forest called Warkesi forest is home to flocks of cendrawasih, the birds ofparadise.

Kawasan Wisata Kali Biru Warsambin

Kalibiru is a water tourism location that cannot be missed when traveling in Raja Ampat. The river, whose water is as blue as crystal, holds a number of natural features and is full of legends.